Professional Development

NICERC’s professional development opportunities span across various cities, nationwide.  Teachers gain hands-on experience with projects and technology that provide new, innovative ways to engage students in the classroom.  The professional development offered through NICERC provides a collaborative and comprehensive solution that fosters systemic and sustainable change in education.  Through NICERC’s teacher professional development model, more students are ultimately impacted (over a greater period of time) than would any program aimed at students alone.

Regional STEM Explore Discover Apply (STEM EDA) workshops are available for middle school teachers.  During these two to three day workshops, teachers experience three to four modules from the STEM EDA curricula. They engage in the engineering design process while also gaining hands-on experience with NICERC’s project-driven curricula.  This model prepares and empowers teachers across the country to implement the STEM EDA curricula in their classrooms.

The annual Education Discovery Forum (EDF) is a week-long workshop in the summer that offers a dynamic professional development experience for middle and high school teachers.   Subject Matter Experts guide teachers in an immersive experience through NICERC’s curricula (STEM EDA, Cyber Literacy, Cyber Science,  Cyber Society, Physics, and Advanced Math for Engineering & Science). Through each of the various EDF threads, teachers explore the connections between STEM and liberal arts while also creating a network of cyber-conscious educators.