“The nation will require approximately one million more science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) professionals than what will be produced at current rates over the next decade.”

-President’s Council of Advisors on Science & Technology February 2012 report to the President


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December 11, 2019

Cyber Takes the Lead in Emerging Jobs

LinkedIn’s annual top jobs list solidifies cyber as a top growing field Originally published at https://www.technojobs.co.uk/info/ai-machine-learning-robotics/the-role-of-an-artificial-intelligence-specialist.phtml . Each year, the job website LinkedIn posts its “Top Ten Emerging Jobs” list. This year’s list brings good news for those who are already in, or considering entering the cyber workforce. Artificial Intelligence […]
October 9, 2019

Cybersecurity While Traveling

October marks National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, meaning it’s an especially appropriate time to start conversations in your classroom about online safety and cybersecurity. One setting where our devices can be particularly vulnerable is in airplanes, hotels, ride shares, and other travel-related locations and services. Here’s a quick list of actions […]
September 25, 2019

CompTIA A+ Certification Course Updates

NICERC is proud to unveil our brand new CompTia A+ curriculum designed to prepare students for the 1001 & 1002 tests. So what even is CompTIA A+? According to CompTIA.org, it is the “preferred qualifying credential for technical support and IT operational roles.” It consists of two core tests (220-1001 […]