Staff Pick: Web Design with Apply Coding

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January 8, 2018
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January 23, 2018

Staff Pick: Web Design with Apply Coding

Do you have students who are interested in web design?  The Apply Coding module in our STEM EDA curriculum is a great introduction to basic web development!

After an introduction to HTML and CSS basics, students are tasked with rebuilding a website from a blank canvas after a cyber attack has taken down the company’s site. Adding this scenario as context allows students to explore current cyber issues as they build foundations in coding and developing basic understanding of the languages and skills needed to build and edit websites. Within the modules, helpful figures and screenshots guide students as they dive into the world of code.


As with all other STEM EDA modules, Apply Coding follows the Engineering Design Process to help students practice systematically finding a solutions to problems while engaging their creativity.

Apply Coding is a great way to hit on useful, relevant skills web development skills that are becoming increasingly in-demand as you build your students’ CS skills in a creative, collaborative environment. We hope you’ll give this module a try!

To learn more about STEM EDA and explore other modules, click here.


Take this activity further: If you are interested in taking the next steps after completing this module, try introducing your students to JavaScript – the programming language of the web.

This post comes from NICERC Curriculum Development Specialist Crystal Almond.

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