Special Focus: NICERC Does TCEA 2018

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Special Focus: NICERC Does TCEA 2018

This post comes from NICERC’s Claire Floyd

NICERC recently attended the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) Annual Conference and Exposition from February 5-8 in Austin, Texas. TCEA is a 17,000+ member organization dedicated to advancing teaching and learning through the use of technology. What a week it was!

NICERC set up shop in booth #2520 among hundreds of vendors and organizations representing computer science education both in Texas and nation-wide. Educators who came by our booth were able to explore our curricula and chat with our subject matter experts about their classroom needs and what freely-available resources we can offer to help meet those needs.

As with all trade shows and conferences, we would be remiss if we didn’t offer some swag to our booth visitors. However, we made people work for their swag. Educators were able to build their very own blinking breadboards to wear around as bling, but had to assemble them themselves. Some teachers gathered their components to assemble later, but many brave educators completed the build on the spot. It was fun to watch first-time circuit builders successfully light up their LED’s.

Eric (center) successfully built his own breadboard, then brought back a colleague and walked her through the build the next day. The student became the teacher!

We were also thrilled to lead several workshops at TCEA. Dr. Chuck Gardner led a group of teachers through some robotics exercises from our Cyber Literacy curriculum, while Tommy Gober showed off activities with Raspberry Pi’s from our Computer Science curriculum.

Boe-Bot gearing up for duty in Chuck’s Cyber Literacy Workshop

Conferences like TCEA are great opportunities to connect with educators and to ensure they have access to free STEM and cyber free resources. It’s also a great way to re-energize educators with fresh ideas and solutions to challenges they face in the classroom. We look forward to coming back to TCEA 2019!

If you missed us at TCEA, don’t worry. We’ll be setting up shop at the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Annual Conference in Atlanta from March 16-18 and again at ASCD Empower18 in Boston from March 24-26. Be sure to come by!