Teacher Feature: Hector Colon Morales

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October 8, 2018
Classroom Activity: Lighting an LED with a Voltaic Pile
November 12, 2018

Teacher Feature: Hector Colon Morales

Hector Colon Morales

Upward Bound Program
Ponce, Puerto Rico


How has NICERC curricula impacted your classroom?

NICERC has helped me so that the student can demonstrate what they learned in the course.


Why is STEM education so important for your students?

STEM education helps students to select related fields to study in Puerto Rico Universities.


Share with us a favorite success story from your classroom.

Seeing the emotion when the students saw for the first time that they can assemble a complete robot… and program it!


Thank you Hector for sharing how you use NICERC curricula in your classroom!

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