The nation and its citizens face a continued and growing cyber threat and a critical shortage of cybersecurity professionals.


To ensure our nation’s future national security and economic growth, we must build a strong cyber workforce – which starts with our nation’s youth and K-12 education. The National Integrated Cyber Education Research Center, NICERC, was developed by the Cyber Innovation Center to address the growing need for 21st century tools and curricula for educators to obtain easily and teach confidently in the classroom.


Based out of Bossier City, Louisiana, NICERC develops innovative cyber-based curricula for use by K-12 teachers across the country. The curricula developed by NICERC is free to any K-12 educator within the United States and comprises the Cyber Interstate – a robust library of cyber-based curricula that provides opportunities for students to become aware of cyber issues, engage in cyber education, and enter cyber career fields.


Our courses incorporate science, technology, engineering and math fundamentals with 21st century skills.  Content maps to national standards and can easily be cross-walked to specific state standards.  The modular curricula enables teachers to integrate cyber lessons into what they’re already teaching in the classroom or teach as full, year-long courses.

Explore NICERC curricula here.

Professional Development 

NICERC believes that teachers are the key to systemic and sustainable change in education.  All of its programs focus on the professional development of teachers so they can be empowered to engage their students in transformative ways.  In addition to access to the curricula outlined above, the NICERC team also offers dynamic professional development for K-12 teachers from around the nation. Click here to learn more.