January 23, 2018

Special Focus: Why Attend the EDF 2018?

Five years ago, NICERC hosted our first national conference, the Education Discovery Forum. Since then, we’ve brought the EDF to places like Baltimore, Dallas, Shreveport and even Palm Springs, CA! This year, NICERC will be hosting two EDF’s; one in Augusta, Georgia from June 4-7 and the other in Omaha, Nebraska […]
January 15, 2018

Staff Pick: Web Design with Apply Coding

Do you have students who are interested in web design?  The Apply Coding module in our STEM EDA curriculum is a great introduction to basic web development! After an introduction to HTML and CSS basics, students are tasked with rebuilding a website from a blank canvas after a cyber attack […]
January 8, 2018

Classroom Activity: Exploring Landforms Through Erosion

When discussing weathering and erosion with our students, some may not have the background knowledge or experiences to visualize these processes in order to make real world connections. How can we give students an experience where they can see soil being moved and influenced by wind or water? The following […]
December 8, 2017

micro:bit Yields Macro Benefits in the CS Classroom

At NICERC we’re always searching for great technology that has a role in the classroom. The micro:bit is the latest piece of EdTech kit we’ve fallen in love with. (No offense to all our other robots and Raspberry Pis – you are loved too!) The micro:bit is an incredibly low-cost […]