September 25, 2017

NICERC Reading List: The Master Switch

At NICERC, we’re all about providing pathways to dig deeper to learn and discover more about the fascinating technological world around us. We get asked many times for additional resources to strengthen and inform educators’ concepts of the cyber world. I’ve often got my head in a book for recreational […]
August 31, 2017

4 Reasons You Should Use the Raspberry Pi in Your Classroom

When I first heard that NICERC was going to implement the Raspberry Pi into our curriculum, I wondered, why the Raspberry Pi? Why would we not build a Computer Science curricula around the computers that the schools already have in their classroom? Here are some of the questions I had […]
August 14, 2017

The Matrix is Real

“The Matrix is real!” came a concerned comment from across the room. The discussion was centered around a recent article published by Wired magazine titled, “Biohackers Encoded Malware in a Strand of DNA,” (Aug 10, 2017, by Andy Greenberg, permalink here). Let me summarize the content in a couple of […]
July 31, 2017

New Cyber Society Modules

This blog comes from John Queen, one of NICERC’s Curriculum Development Specialists. Last year, I wrote a blog post describing our Cyber Society curricula. (Click here to read it.) Today I’d like to tell you about some new lessons that have been written and added to Canvas for your use. […]