September 7, 2018

Video: Selection Sort

Selection sort is one of several traditional sorting algorithms covered in NICERC’s Computer Science curriculum. Check out this video for a visualization of selection sort. Check out other helpful videos from NICERC on our YouTube channel!
August 20, 2018

Staff Pick: 7 Tips for Implementing STEM EDA

One question we are asked at our STEM EDA workshops is, “How exactly do I implement this curricula?” Thankfully, a few of our Curriculum Development Specialists have spent years teaching the curricula. After putting our heads together, we came up with some tips and tricks when approaching our STEM EDA […]
May 14, 2018

Classroom Activity: Acid Rain Simulation

  The following activity can be found in the Weather module from NICERC’s STEAM Fundamentals third grade curriculum. Time is not always our friend in the classroom. This is certainly true when talking about things that take years to develop. In the third grade STEAM Fundamentals Weather module, we look at air […]
May 7, 2018

Staff Pick: Just Go with the Electron Flow

One thing I love about sharing NICERC content with teachers all over the country is the number of rich, educational opportunities the curriculum provides. In STEM EDA, students learn the basics of electricity, how a battery works, and what constitutes a complete circuit. In Cyber Literacy, as students begin to […]