A+ Certification Prep course prepares students for the CompTiaA+ certification exam, which provides IT professionals with an internationally recognized IT credential. The course covers the most common hardware and software technologies and prepares students to support complex IT infrastructures.

A+ Certification Prep is designed to be a full-year course where students take the Core 1 (220-1001) and Core 2 (220-1002) exams at the completion of the course/school year. The course supplies hands-on activities and guided research for the students to go along with textbooks that are designed for the exams. The instructor has the option of which textbook they would like to utilize alongside with the projects in this course. Please note that it is not recommended that the schools provide all three textbooks to go along with the course. The course is designed to be as hands on or off as teachers want to be. If a teacher wants to be completely hands-off, they can hand the students the supplies and the notes will guide them through the project. A teacher also has the ability to walk through the project with the students.

A+ Certification Prep Units


Mobile Devices






Operating Systems


Software Troubleshooting

Operational Procedures