Advanced Math for Engineering and Science (AMES) is an upper level math course covering a wide range of topics that prepare students for further study in STEM fields. The overarching theme of the course is to provide a context for the content while always driving toward the fundamental mathematics concepts used by engineers and scientists. Throughout the lessons, the students engage in tasks that require researching mathematics history, comparing and contrasting parallel ideas, and communicating mathematics through formal written responses while learning, practicing, and applying the mathematics concepts covered. Concluding each unit is a cumulative project that requires the students to apply what they have learned throughout the unit. Advanced Math for Engineering and Science provides a link between the projects in the physics course and the fundamental underlying mathematics concepts of those projects.

Advanced Math Units

Two Dimensional Coordinates explores the Cartesian and polar coordinate systems through analytic geometry, the connections between the two systems, and projects that allow the students to apply the concepts.

Introduction to Linear Algebra familiarizes students with vectors and matrices. The students explore physics and cryptography applications in these topics.

Three Dimensional Coordinates expands on the two dimensional coordinates and linear algebra by adding a third dimension. Students apply the concepts through a computer aided design (CAD) project.

Fundamentals of Mathematics showcases mathematical logic and set theory and the use of basic circuit design and programming.