NICERC’s Cybersecurity curriculum uses an online simulated environment known as a cyber range to explore security tools, understand how various cyberattacks operate, and learn to detect and mitigate attacks. Teachers will learn how to prepare students to earn professional certifications like CompTIA Security+. For more information please email

Cybersecurity is a high-school level course that uses the US Cyber Range teach the basics of protecting internet-connected systems from passive vulnerabilities as well as cyber attacks. In the US Cyber Range, students are able to simulate cybersecurity scenarios in a safe virtual learning environment.

US Cyber Range
A cyber range is a virtual lab environment where students are able to simulate cybersecurity scenarios in a safe, protected online environment as they explore the back end of IT systems used by today’s industries. The US Cyber Range is powered by a partnership with Virginia Tech and Amazon Web Services. The estimated monthly cost to use the US Cyber Range is an $8 per student license fee, plus pass-through cloud usage costs of $6 – $12/student (depending on overall per-student usage).

Cybersecurity Units

Introduction to Cybersecurity



Social Engineering

Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessment