STEAM Fundamentals is a phenomenon-based, hands-on science curriculum designed to engage elementary students in real-world applications.

Each module is centered around an anchor phenomenon, which encourages students to ask questions about the natural world. As they seek answers to their questions, students make observations, gather information, and design investigations to test their ideas. Students learn to work in teams, engage in critical reflection, develop models, and share their ideas through speaking and writing. The modules introduce the engineering design process to help students apply concepts and design solutions.

STEAM Fundamentals’ modules connect to key math, writing, and cyber concepts, and have been mapped to the Next Generation Science Standards covering all standards for each grade level and reaching all three dimensions.

Second Grade
(Aligned to Previous Standards – Revisions Coming Soon!)
What is Matter?
Flowering Plants

Third Grade
Robobees : Organism Traits
Weather : Advantages in Survival
Mammoths : Environmental Changes Over Time
Bullet Train : Forces and Interactions of Objects (Coming Soon!)

Fourth Grade
Sight : Structures and Functions of Organisms
Communication : Energy Transfer and Information Transmission
Crash Tests : Energy and Collisions
Coastlines : Waves and Erosion (Coming Soon!)
Hazards : Reducing Impacts (Coming Soon!)

Fifth Grade
Titanic : Physical and Chemical Changes
Mars : Matter and Energy in Ecosystems
Water : Earth’s Major Systems
Stargazing : Stars and the Solar System (Coming Soon!)