NICERC Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag competitions are used to train on encryption, hacking, or overall cybersecurity and are also how real-world cybersecurity teams train. This Capture the Flag competition platform is free to use for K-12 education settings and is designed to cover material learned throughout the school year as well as various cybersecurity topics.

Find step-by-step registration below, as well as CTF tips for beginners. Have fun!

Capture the Flag for High School

Opens April 1, 2020

This month-long CTF contains challenges appropriate for high school level students.

Special Feature CTF

Social Distancing Capture the Flag
Opens Monday, March 30, 12:00 GMT

Coronavirus keeping you at home? CTF will help keep your mind sharp! Parents, families, and teachers can all join.

Upcoming Competitions

Special Feature: Social Distancing CTF

When: Ongoing, reset weekly

Who: K-12 students, parents, & teachers


High School Capture the Flag

When: April 1-30

Who: High school students


Minot-Barksdale AFB

When: April 15-17

Who: Middle and high school students from Minot and Barksdale Airforce Bases

Where: Private Online CTF

Middle School Capture the Flag

When: May 1-31

Who: Middle school students

Where: Online

Getting Started

Watch this quick video of the registration process. Step by step instructions can be found below.

  • Enter your CTF competition.
  • Click the “Register” button located at the top right of the page, as shown below:


  • Once on the “Register” page, as shown below, students will then create an account with a unique Username and Password. An email address is not required to create an account and no emails will be sent to students regarding the CTF (a valid email address is not required to create an account, though the email field does require the user to fill it. Any text entry will be accepted). The scores and user list are also public and do not require accounts to view. Keep this in mind when creating an account and do not include personal information that you don’t want seen outside of the classroom.
  • After an account has been created, students will use that login information for as long as they engage with this CTF. At the end each month, the CTF environment will be reset and all users will be removed. This will mean if teachers intend to use the CTF for a second month, then students will have to recreate their account. 

Submitting Answers

When logged into the CTF students will submit answers to challenges in order to increase their scores. To do this: 

  • Click on the category you would like to view, as shown below, the user clicks on “Before you start!” 




  • You will notice that the point value of the challenge is located to the right of the challenge name. 
  • Simply click the challenge you would like to view to see more details on how to solve it, as shown below, the user clicks on “Is this thing on?” 



  • A screen, like the one shown above, will display the challenge details, point value, number of participants who have solved it, and an input box where you can attempt to solve the challenge. Type the answer you believe to be correct and press submit. 
  • One of the following images will appear at the bottom of the popup window to show whether the answer was correct or incorrect.



  • While looking through the challenges you will see whether you have completed the challenge by locating a check mark next to the name.