Competition has concluded, and the results are in!

First place –  Richardson High School, Texas
Second place – Oakton High School, Virginia
Third place – Langley HS, Virginia / Whitefish Bay HS, Wisconsin

A big thank you to the 300+ teams  that competed!


Open to teams of up to six high school students
Students of various experience levels may compete


12 pm (EST) April 24 – 12 pm (EST) April 25*
*Competition has ended


Competition is held virtually on the Virginia Cyber Range.
Students may complete from a computer or mobile device.

Sponsored by Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, the National Governors Association, and NICERC, the NGA Capture the Flag Cyber Challenge Event will be hosted on the Virginia Cyber Range. Students will complete a series of virtual cybersecurity challenges within the 24-hour competition period. Competition will include challenges in:


Web Exploitation



Reverse Engineering

The winning team will receive special recognition at the National Governors Association, to be held in Shreveport, Louisiana from May 14 – 15, 2019.

Thank you for competing in the NGA Capture the Flag Cyber Challenge! We’d love to hear your thoughts about your experience below. Thank you for helping us to improve for next time!

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  • Students should form teams of up to six participants.
  • Students who register teams should use a valid email address so that we may contact winning teams.
  • There is no fee to participate.
  • Registration opens April 23, 2019 at
  • When registering, team names should use the following naming convention: High School Name, State (example: John Smith High School, Alaska)
    • If your team is part of a club or organization, use your organization name followed by state (example: Cyber Club, Alaska)
    • If you have multiple teams from the same high school or organization, assign numbers to the teams to distinguish them (example: John Smith High School 1, Alaska and John Smith High School 2, Alaska).
  • Students who register teams should use a valid email address so that we can contact winning teams.


  • All team members will log in using the same credentials so that when a student solves a challenge, the whole team receives points.
  • Team members may work together within their teams or separately to solve challenges throughout the day. However, team members should not receive any outside assistance from other people during the Capture the Flag (CTF).
  • Teams are not required to compete for the entire 24 hours. Challenges may be solved throughout the day in increments at the discretion of the team.
  • The CTF is an ‘open book’ competition. Teams can use references, websites, and any open-source or properly licensed software tools at their disposal
  • Students should not attempt to compromise, or ‘hack,’ the CTF infrastructure within the Virginia Cyber Range. Teams caught doing this will be automatically disqualified from the competition.
  • Teachers and club leaders are encouraged to support team formation. However, teachers are not allowed to assist team members with the competition during the CTF.
  • Teachers are not required to be present with teams or team members during the CTF.