What is the Cyber Education Program?

The Cyber Innovation Center, in conjunction with the Louisiana Tech University’s Science and Technology Education Center (SciTEC) in the College of Education, launched an online Cyber Education Program for K-12 educators that has seen unprecedented demand among teachers across the country.

Cyber Education courses, aligned with Computer Science Certification requirements, target K-12 educators who desire to: become leaders at their school in the field of STEM, cyber, and computer science; enhance or develop their school’s programs; engage students in new and innovative learning strategies, curricula, and programs; and connect students with the cyber jobs of today and tomorrow. In addition, participants in the program will gain continuing education units as well as graduate course credit that will count towards a masters of education degree, a Cyber Education Certificate, or a Master’s Plus 30.

In order to meet the growing demand for computer science teachers in K-12, this program is offered 100% online, provides rich content, and unique networking opportunities. Today, our nation faces a shortage of cybersecurity workers.  In fact, one recent report states there will be a global shortage of two million cyber security professionals by 2019.  This lack of cyber professionals poses a tremendous opportunity for today’s youth.  Educators are the key to systemic and sustainable change in education. Through this program, teachers are empowered to engage their students in entirely new ways and provide them with the 21st century hard and soft skills necessary to solve the nation’s ever-changing workforce needs.

State departments of education and school districts across the country are emphasizing computer science and are beginning to require it be taught within many grade levels. Computer Science education is becoming more prevalent in K-12 and an increasingly integral component of a student’s educational career.

What are the classes for the Cyber Education Program?

History of STEM and Cyber Education (3 credit hours)
Cyber-Related Instruction for STEM (3 credit hours)
Cyber Literacy (3 credit hours)
STEM Instruction for Cyber Learning (3 credit hours)
Integrated STEM and Cyber Literacy (3 credit hours)
Cyber Society (3 credit hours)

When does the program start?

Registration is ongoing and classes are being offered each quarter.

Are scholarships available?

Yes, limited scholarships are available.

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