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RARC Professional Development Workshops

Hosted at Louisiana Tech Academic Success Center in Bossier City, professional development workshops aim to equip both new and experienced Regional Autonomous Robotics Circuit (RARC) coaches with skills needed to lead teams through practice and competitions. All RARC coaches from private, public, and charter schools and homeschool and afterschool programs are invited to attend these free training sessions.

January 12

Using Sensors  – January 12, 2019
9 AM – 1 PM

  • Elementary and Middle (Lego® EV3)
  • High School (Parallax® BoeBot® & Parallax® Robot Shield with Arduino)*Location for this workshop is tentative

Registration opens December 14, 2018

April 13

Grant Writing – April 13, 2018
9 AM – 1 PM

  • Elementary, Middle, and High School

Registration opens March 15, 2019

Registration for

Using Sensors- January 12, 2019

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