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  • Boe-Bot Kit


    A fully hands-on robotics kit provides students countless opportunities to explore and create meaningful projects. The Boe-Bot Kit is used with the Cyber Science, Cyber Literacy, Cyber Literacy II, and Physics curricula. Boe-Bots are a great learning platform for exploring the world of cyber, electronics and entry-level programming.

  • Cyber Literacy Supply Kit


    The NICERC Cyber Literacy Supply Kit is provided for use with the NICERC Cyber Literacy Curriculum.

  • cyber:bot board – for micro:bit


    The cyber:bot printed circuit board (PCB) provides the connection between the BBC micro:bit module and the cyber:bot chassis.

  • cyber:bot Conversion Kit


    This hardware conversion kit turns a BASIC Stamp Boe-Bot or a Shield-Bot for Arduino into a Python-programmable cyber:bot!

  • cyber:bot Robot Kit – NO micro:bit


    This kit does NOT include a micro:bit module; it is offered as a convenience for classrooms that already have a supply of micro:bit modules on hand. For a complete kit, purchase the cyber:bot Robot Kit with micro:bit (#32700). Purchase the micro:bit GO bundle (#32703) if a replacement module is needed.

  • cyber:bot Robot Kit – with micro:bit


    The cyber:bot robot puts the BBC micro:bit module on the Parallax small robot form factor that’s a proven STEM success in classrooms from middle school into college, leveraging the add-ons available for this chassis.

  • Shield-Bot with Arduino Kit


    The NICERC Shield Bot with Arduino Kit is used in NICERC’s Cyber Literacy curricula. This kit is only available for NICERC educators and is designed exclusively for NICERC curriculum.

    A fully hands-on robotics kit provides students opportunities to create meaningful projects built around the Arduino microcontroller platform. The Shield-Bot with Arduino is a great learning platform for exploring the world of cyber, electronics, and C-style programming.