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  • Explore Coding Kit


    Students are preparing for a fact finding mission where they will be sending a drone to a new planet to collect data. They will use the LEGO EV3 platform for simulating the mission.

  • Explore Earthquakes Kit


    Students will build a toothpick and marshmallow structure that must withstand two different tests on a gelatin shake table. Explore vibrations, earthquakes, and sound.

  • Explore Egg Drop Kit


    Students will design a vessel around an egg that represents the protective gear a stunt-person may wear when jumping from a building. Explore topics on gravity, velocity, Newton’s Laws of Motion, mass, weight, force, and acceleration.

  • Explore Electricity Kit


    Students are given a scenario where a cyber attack has shut down the nation’s electrical grid. Explore concepts of atoms, electrons, conductors, insulators, power sources, chemical energy, electrical energy, electrochemical cells, anodes, cathodes, ions, anions, cations, voltaic pile, voltage, and circuitry.

  • Explore Genetics Kit


    A scientific think tank is running simulations of adaptations resulting from near-Earth asteroid disturbances. Explore concepts of biological classification, taxonomic ranks of animals, animal adaptations, evolution, and hierarchy on the food chain.

  • Explore Music Kits


    Students are part of a research development team that has been assigned to create a program used to unlock a safe that holds confidential documents. The safe will be programmed to unlock only when certain musical notes are played simultaneously.

  • Explore Roller Coaster Kit


    Students are roller coaster engineers hired to design a roller coaster that includes at least one loop, one wide turn, and one sharp turn. Explore concepts of gravity, velocity, acceleration, Newton’s First Law of Motion, friction, and the history of roller coasters.

  • Explore Volcanoes Kit


    Students work to develop a safety plan for a village located near a volcano. Explore classifications and components of volcanoes, eruption categories, acids, bases, and pH scale.

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