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    Apply Catapults Refill Kit


    Students work for a company that is a leader in developing outdoor games. They must design and build a new multi-functional outdoor game using a catapult.

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    Apply Earthquakes Kit


    Students “travel” to a third world country to help with the reconstruction of homes after a devastating earthquake. As a global engineer, not only must the students design new buildings that are earthquake resistant, but they must address the needs of the community they are serving.

  • Apply Egg Drop Kit


    Students will design a vessel that represents supplies being dropped to refugees. Apply concepts of potential energy, kinetic energy, motion, gravity, velocity, drag, and the Law of Conservation of Energy while also taking into consideration the cost of building and shipping the vessels.

  • Apply Electricity Kit


    Students will design and build a new board game that will include at least three electrical components. Apply knowledge of atoms, current, voltage, resistance, elements, proportions, volume, and electrical components.

  • Apply Genetics Kit


    Students will create specific eukaryotic cells using various everyday objects. Apply concepts of cellular biology, eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells, and organelles.

  • Apply Music Kit


    Students will work to construct a harp and decipher messages coded in sheet music. Apply cryptography to create and decipher codes using entry level decoding devices that are founded on the principles of music.

  • Apply Roller Coaster Kit


    Students will present a business plan and create a scale model of a roller coaster using restrictions associated with different lots of land. Apply concepts of potential energy, kinetic energy, centripetal force, inertia, and surface area.

  • Apply Volcanoes Kit


    Students are movie set designers tasked with building a small scale replica of a volcano. Apply concepts of proportions, circumference, topography, acids, and bases.

  • Boe-Bot Kit


    A fully hands-on robotics kit provides students countless opportunities to explore and create meaningful projects. The Boe-Bot Kit is used with the Cyber Science, Cyber Literacy, Cyber Literacy II, and Physics curricula. Boe-Bots are a great learning platform for exploring the world of cyber, electronics and entry-level programming.

  • Cyber Literacy II Supply Kit


    The NICERC Cyber Literacy II Supply Kit is provided for use with the NICERC Cyber Literacy II Curriculum.

  • Cyber Literacy Supply Kit


    The NICERC Cyber Literacy Supply Kit is provided for use with the NICERC Cyber Literacy Curriculum.

  • Cyber Science Supply Kit


    The NICERC Cyber Science Supply Kit is provided for use with the NICERC Cyber Science Curriculum.

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