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  • Apply Electricity Kit


    Students will design and build a new board game that will include at least three electrical components. Apply knowledge of atoms, current, voltage, resistance, elements, proportions, volume, and electrical components.

  • Apply Genetics Kit


    Students will create specific eukaryotic cells using various everyday objects. Apply concepts of cellular biology, eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells, and organelles.

  • Apply Music Kit


    Students will work to construct a harp and decipher messages coded in sheet music. Apply cryptography to create and decipher codes using entry level decoding devices that are founded on the principles of music.

  • Apply Roller Coaster Kit


    Students will present a business plan and create a scale model of a roller coaster using restrictions associated with different lots of land. Apply concepts of potential energy, kinetic energy, centripetal force, inertia, and surface area.

  • Apply Volcanoes Kit


    Students are movie set designers tasked with building a small scale replica of a volcano. Apply concepts of proportions, circumference, topography, acids, and bases.

  • Boe-Bot Kit


    A fully hands-on robotics kit provides students countless opportunities to explore and create meaningful projects. The Boe-Bot Kit is used with the Cyber Science, Cyber Literacy, Cyber Literacy II, and Physics curricula. Boe-Bots are a great learning platform for exploring the world of cyber, electronics and entry-level programming.

  • Cyber Literacy II Supply Kit


    The NICERC Cyber Literacy II Supply Kit is provided for use with the NICERC Cyber Literacy II Curriculum.

  • Cyber Literacy Supply Kit


    The NICERC Cyber Literacy Supply Kit is provided for use with the NICERC Cyber Literacy Curriculum.

  • Cyber Science Supply Kit


    The NICERC Cyber Science Supply Kit is provided for use with the NICERC Cyber Science Curriculum.

  • cyber:bot board – for micro:bit


    The cyber:bot printed circuit board (PCB) provides the connection between the BBC micro:bit module and the cyber:bot chassis.

  • cyber:bot Conversion Kit


    This hardware conversion kit turns a BASIC Stamp Boe-Bot or a Shield-Bot for Arduino into a Python-programmable cyber:bot!

  • cyber:bot Robot Kit – NO micro:bit


    This kit does NOT include a micro:bit module; it is offered as a convenience for classrooms that already have a supply of micro:bit modules on hand. For a complete kit, purchase the cyber:bot Robot Kit with micro:bit (#32700). Purchase the micro:bit GO bundle (#32703) if a replacement module is needed.

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