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  • Discover Catapults Kit


    To increase excitement and participation at school events, the class has been asked to design trebuchets to launch t-shirts and prizes to the crowds. Discover projectile motion and have students research the medieval period and heraldry.

  • Discover Earthquakes Kit


    Students have been assigned to create and present a proposal for a new headquarters office building for a worldwide producer of chemical-based products.

  • Discover Egg Drop Kit


    Students will design a vessel with a parachute to model protective gear for a skydiver. Discover topics on kinetic energy, potential energy, gravity, velocity, mass, and drag.

  • Discover Electricity Kit


    Students are taken back to the early 1860s where they become members of the Military Telegraph Corps during the Civil War. Discover Morse Code, substitution and transposition encryption methods and principles of electromagnetism.

  • Discover Genetics Kit


    Students are statisticians asked to determine what the offspring would look like based on parents of fictitious pets called zaboos. Discover concepts about genetics, heredity, chromosomes, DNA, genotypes, phenotypes, inheritance, mutations, codons, ratio, and percentage.

  • Discover Music Kit


    Research different cultures throughout history and design an instrument inspired by the percussion instruments from that culture. Discover cultures, percussion instruments, and music fundamentals.

  • Discover Roller Coaster Kit


    Students work for an engineering design firm specializing in roller coaster engineering. Discover potential and kinetic energy, centripetal force, inertia, momentum, and velocity.

  • Discover Volcanoes Kit


    Students work for an engineering firm that has been hired by a city planner to design a city around a volcano. Discover classifications, types and components of volcanoes, eruption categories, acids, bases, and pH scale.

  • Explore Aerospace Kit


    Students participate in a model glider competition as part of a festival featuring the glider pilots of WWII. Explore gliders during WWII, components of gliders, and fundamental principles of flight.

  • Explore Alternative Energy


    While camping, students must utilize the sun’s energy to cook two dishes in a solar cooker. Explore three different types of solar cookers which leads them to designing, building, and testing their own cooker.

  • Explore Cars Kit


    Students are challenged to build edible racecars. Explore nutrition related foods used to create the cars. The module culminates in a competition to see which teams had the best design and performing cars.

  • Explore Catapults Kit


    Students use common materials to recreate a physical model of a video game that uses a sling shot to launch projectiles to knock down blocks. Explore projectile motion and other principles that influence the design of the sling shots.

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