Professional Development

NICERC travels across the country to deliver hands-on professional development to teachers and districts looking to bring new cyber content and teaching strategies to the classroom. We work with districts to customize professional development experiences .

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Cyber Education Certificate Program

NICERC, in conjunction with the Louisiana Tech University’s Science and Technology Education Center (SciTEC) in the College of Education, offers an online Cyber Education Certificate program for K-12 educators and administrators.

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Downloads and Online Resources

Classroom Printables are ready-to-use resources for all curricula.

Technology Resources include a list of easy to implement technologies that include iOS and Android™ applications and web-based resources.

Activities for Technology Resources describe activities that pair with technology resources. Example projects are available as Microsoft® Word files for teachers to edit as necessary to meet their classroom needs.

Teaching Strategies provide general pedagogical tips for facilitating class discussions, incorporating cooperative learning models, using grading tools and creating rubrics.